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The RVRHS Football Booster Club welcomes you to the 2023 Football Season. The group is composed of hard working, committed parent volunteers who make an important contribution to the overall excellence of our high school football program. Through this organization, parents work to promote and support, while forming a stronger bridge between their child’s home and school life. Our main goal is to provide the coaches and players with the tools they need to have a successful (and winning) football season. We are NOT here to constantly ask you to donate money, but we will ask you to provide some of your time to help the parent club and in turn help your child.  

What is the RVRHS Football Booster Club?


The RVRHS Booster Club is a 501C3 charitable  organization, directly supporting the RVRHS Football Program. Our mission is to support the players and coaches by generating funds to enhance our emerging program. Athletic funding is almost non-existent, the Boosters work to provide Training Equipment and Facilities, wireless head sets for the coaching staff,  audio/ visual equipment for game films, Game Day Enhancements and so much more. The program encourages family time which is hard to come by nowadays, the Boosters further the family experience by inviting  players and ALL family members to our Kickoff Tailgate Party, Weekly Game Day Breakfast , our Team Bowling night and the End of Season Banquet.


Whether your child is on the Freshman, Junior Varsity, or Varsity Team, he will benefit DIRECTLY from the monies we raise throughout the year. You do not need to know anything about football to participate in our organization.


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